Lost foam casting eases

The padded steering wheel. Then there was the beaded seat cover. Now, in the long line of engineered products for truck drivers more comfortable come the cast exhaust bracket from Citation Columbiana, Columbiana, Ala.

The approximately 28 x 6 x 8-in. (710 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm) ductile iron exhaust bracket bolts to the frame rail Daimler Trucks’ class 8 trucks model and the vertical exhaust stack. Improvement over its predecessor as steel fabrication, limit the exhaust bracket as well as the amount of heat and noise transferred from the exhaust stack into the truck’s cabin and eventually into the truck driver on road weary head.

“What the customer wants to carry out a reduction in the weight of the component, as well as reduce the heat transfer and noise from the exhaust back to the cab,” said Jamey Reynolds, engineering manager Citation process for Columbiana. “We concluded that the targets in the lost foam through achieving what was needed from the functional side.”

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