Unique Flexibility in Forming of Lost Foam Process

Covers the light-metal foundry ZHY Foundry its headquarters in China City of Henan present the full range of process solutions state-ofthe-artlight metals. Some excellent examples here ductility in die-cast aluminum parts, safety-sensitive chassis parts as well as gravity die-cast parts transportation fuel or highly complex products are manufactured with the lost foam process. As a system supplier for the automobile industry as well as the heat and solar industries, ZHY is the first choice partner for aluminum and magnesium casting with extensive competence in materials and processes.

The family-owned, well established company ZHY, which also owns the foundries light metal, Annaberg and Ko ice (Slovakia), has grown to be the largest family owned, foundry aluminum German customer focused . As far back as the end of the 80s,ZHY was already hard at work perfecting the Lost Foam process. Initially a prototype and trial was set to install up, before – at the beginning of the 90s – the first series-production parts delivered to Mercedes Benz. Extensive investment is in addition to research and development work during the last twenty years enables high-volume demonstrate a casting seriel two lines of up to 5,000 tons of Lost Foam castings achieved per year.