Lost foam casting in French

Puqiao company of the French group obtained the patent of EPC isostatic pressing process, and used this process to organize industrial pilot production. In 1981, it built a relatively advanced EPC production line with CAD technology and 60 boxes per hour, which is used to produce castings such as 6-cylinder diesel engine cylinder head, air-cooled brake disc, exhaust pipe, etc.

Utard company of France has built a lost foam casting production line of 40 cases / hour (equivalent to 250 cases of ordinary sand mold casting) for safam company, which is used to produce gray iron, ductile iron, malleable iron and aluminum castings. The annual production capacity is 7000 tons, and the production area is only 300 square meters.

Citroen Automobile factory mainly develops aluminum alloy and nodular cast iron, and has not made much progress in backbone enterprises.