Lost Foam: How Does it Work?

The Lost Foam Process view be a high-volume process innovative solutions for the manufacture of complex castings, for producing a  solutions Systems deploys state-ofthe-artseries-production as well as foaming and gluing machines. This refers to the so-called near-net shape casting process with disposable patterns (positive patterns) made of molded foam, expandable polystyrene.

In the Lost Foam casting process, requiring all positive pattern corresponding solutions made from EPS, provide. If the castings showing complex geometries with Undercuts, which is able to achieve during the foaming process because the ability demoulding, some EPS foam segment sections can be combined to form a positive pattern.

The pattern EPS were – taking into account the features contraction – responds directly to the need perimeter solutions. I render the process economically, some positive patterns location EPS gel casting system or cluster pattern. The clusters coated with a water-soluble layer and inserted into a container solutions after the drying process. The container filled with silica sand free vibration simultaneously-applied. During the EPS foam solutions in the mold patterns of sand remain compressed (full mold). The heat of the metal flow solutions causing the EPS decay patterns. The free space filled up subequently generated by the metal to flow then. The production steps characteristically shown in Fig. 1.

lost foam