The Lost Foam Casting Process continues to be an emerging process

Continues Lost Foam Casting Process to be an evolving process although most of the technical issues that previously restricted the growth process of resolution. These issues resolved through ongoing support by AFS, DOE and the many industry sponsors. Through previous research efforts, technical issues are recognized by the industry sponsors, root causes identified using laboratory experiments solutions, solutions developed and validated in plant trials.

Major achievements of previous research were:

● Double measuring equipment dimensional (commercialized)

● Double filling and compaction – developing methods and equipment to fill and compaction patterns for measuring distortion minimization and filling defects solutions related (gauges commercialized filled) Quality control

● Cover – developed procedures (manual quality control Coating) and equipment for permeability coating gauge

● speed Double – developed procedures and equipment to speed pattern measure local

● laps and folds in castings of aluminum – known motive as oxide on blended initial metal, aggravated products pyrolysis pattern – Besides bromide to pattern elimination of defects

● dimensions Solutions – expanding sand known as root, sand extending low, such as Olivine and mullite synthetic eliminated the fault

● Replacement Metal / Double – Developed Double Pyrolysis apparatus for the fraction of gas measured, generated heat transfer and forces during replacement metal / pattern – the basis of computational modeling improved

● Real Time X-Ray – Using the equipment arrived at the influence on permeability pattern metal fill and defect formation – used to examine casting defect formation during the great research effort expended in developing the transfer of technologies to the industry sponsors through technical exchange meetings scheduled, plant trials and tutorials.

In addition to developing technology transfer to the industry through publications and presentations at meetings of the Conference AFS Casting, Lost Foam European Council, and industry journals solutions. Several technologies have been commercially available apparatus such as the apparatus Coating Permeability and Double Permeability. The equipment is Real-Time X-Ray at UAB used by many providers Lost Foam Casting for solutions to resolve quality issues.

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