Low pressure casting technology of aluminum alloy flywheel housing

The flywheel housing is an extremely important power output component in the vehicle power system, and it is also a vital component to bear the load. On the small road sweeper, the flywheel housing is installed between the Ningmou frame and the engine, which directly bears the overturning torque from the engine. Once the flywheel housing is installed with a starter and a displacement pump. The quality of the flywheel housing directly affects the reliability and stability of the sweeping power output system. In particular, the flywheel housing made of molybdenum alloy will inevitably have casting defects in the process of low-pressure casting, which will affect the fatigue performance of the structure.

The research object is the engine flywheel housing of a small road sweeper. The supplier has opened the mold for the flywheel housing. After trial production, it is found that the suspension connection points of the flywheel housing are relatively loose. Therefore, ZHY casting team has conducted relevant low-pressure casting analysis for this mold, According to the simulation results, the die structure is improved in order to obtain good quality of low-pressure castings and ensure the reliability of parts.

The application of ProCAST can effectively simulate the mold filling and condensation process of low-pressure casting parts, quickly locate the independent liquid phase area on the parts body, and eliminate the independent liquid phase area on the parts body by adjusting the volume of feeding block and adjusting the local cooling sequence, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating shrinkage porosity.

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