Maintenance of Steel Cast Sculptures

The key point of how to maintain steel cast sculptures lies in their surroundings. They must be put in a condition of dry, no-dust and air pollutants. Their optimal greenhouse temperature is 18℃-24℃ and corresponding optimal humidity is 40%-50%.

When we maintain steel cast sculptures, how to block some outside hazardous chemicals is worthy to be learned as well. In addition, porters must wear cotton gloves to move them. The reason why not to touch these sculptures with hands directly is for protecting sweat in hands from corroding them.

Be careful to do some cleaning for those steel cast sculptures. Be certain to adopt clean and soft pieces of cloth to wipe off the dusts. As for those places which can be not convenient to cover with pieces of cloth, it’s better to adopt brushes or vacuum cleaners to remove the dusts.

For those steel cast sculptures, which have appeared dullness due to long time presentations, please don’t use pieces of cloth to clean their surfaces with great force rather use cotton fine cloth to wipe them softly for the target of polishing treatments. Thus, the layer of protective wax wrapping around the surfaces of steel cast sculptures can be re-presented. It would have been better if adopting some special polishing materials in the polishing process.

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