The Types of Iron Cast and its Performance

The iron casting is a kind of Fe-C alloy that has the carbon content is above 2%.Iron casting for industrial purposes general carbon content from 2.5%~3.5%.

iron castingGray iron casting :carbon content higher(2.7%~4.0%),it has good cushioning affect and abrasive resistance ,be used for producing structural parts, such as machine tool body、cylinder stator and so on.(HT+figure)

White iron casting : the carbon and cilicon content are low, high hardness and high brittleness, usually used for producing the blank of malleable iron casting and wearproof parts.

Malleable iron casting : be used for producing parts that is complex shape and can stand intensive dynamic.

Nodular iron casting : be used for producing combustion motor , auto parts , agricultural implements and so on , applied very extensive.(QT+figure)

Vermicular graphite iron casting : be used for producing the parts of car.

Ally iron casting : is common iron casting be put in moderate metallic element , thus be provided with homologous heatproof ,wear resistant , corrosion resisting , low temperature resistant , nonmagnetic , etc . Usually be applied to manufacture the parts of mine , chemical machinery , instrument and so on .

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