Material analysis of sand casting axle housing

The steel contains no other alloying elements except carbon and silicon and manganese alloy elements for deoxidation. This kind of steel has large output and wide application.

It is mainly used for manufacturing general structure and mechanical structure parts, building structural parts and pipeline for conveying fluid. According to the use requirements, sometimes it needs heat treatment (normalizing or quenching and tempering) and has excellent mechanical properties.

Zg40mn is widely used in mechanical structure parts. The heat treatment is normalizing and tempering, and its chemical composition and mechanical properties are obtained. The mechanical properties are not less than 295 MPa of yield strength, 640 MPa of tensile strength, 12% of elongation and 30% of reduction of area. The material is suitable for processing parts under high pressure and bearing friction and impact. The hardness of the material is in the range of hb163-200.