Mining electric single bucket excavator

China has a vast territory, vast territory and abundant resources, rich and complete types of mineral resources, and open-pit mining accounts for a large proportion of solid mineral resources. According to different mining and transportation modes, open-pit mining mainly includes discontinuous, continuous, semi continuous, no transportation and dumping mining processes. As the main mining equipment of semi continuous process, electric shovel has both efficiency and environmental adaptability, and is more accepted by open-pit mining.

Electric shovel, also known as rope shovel and steel cable shovel, is a mining electric single bucket excavator that uses transmission parts such as gear, chain and steel cable pulley block to transmit power. It is widely used in open-pit mining (such as open-pit iron mine, open-pit copper mine and open-pit coal mine). During operation, the electric shovel is generally used together with the mining dump truck, which is mainly used for stripping the mineral surface covering and mining and loading the ore [4]. With the progress of science and technology and the demand for mineral resources, open-pit mining equipment is also developing towards intelligence and large-scale. Due to its strong adaptability to the working environment, low requirements for material blasting, high production efficiency, high operation rate, low operation cost and mature domestic technology, electric shovel has always been the main mining equipment for open-pit mining and occupies an irreplaceable position in the mining of large-scale open-pit minerals.

The electric shovel is mainly composed of lower vehicle system (traveling device), upper vehicle system (slewing device) and front-end mining working device, as shown in the figure. The alighting system refers to the part below the rotary platform of the electric shovel, which is the walking driving device of the electric shovel. It carries the working weight of the whole machine and is used to complete the walking of the electric shovel; The boarding system is the part above the slewing platform, including cab, counterweight box and other components, which can rotate 360 degrees. It is mainly used to transport the materials on the excavation surface to the position of the dump truck; The mining device at the front end is the core component of the electric shovel for mining operation, which is composed of bucket, stick, boom, lifting rope and other lifting parts. In a working cycle of electric shovel, the first is to lift the bucket with steel rope, push the bucket to the working face at the same time, and push and lift the bucket at the same time; When the bucket is filled with mineral materials, the rotary platform rotates to drive the bucket to rotate to the unloading position; After unloading, return to the working face again to start the next round of excavation.

It can be seen from the above working process that during the mining operation of the electric shovel, the bucket is affected by the lifting force and pushing force at the same time, and is inserted into the ore material pile to continue to move forward and upward. At this time, the ore material is cut by the bucket teeth due to the movement of the bucket and enters the bucket. Due to the interaction between the bucket teeth and mineral materials, the bucket teeth will be subjected to great impact force, friction force and bending force in the excavation process, and the bucket teeth are prone to wear and failure. At the same time, due to the excavation load and bending load, the bucket teeth are prone to crack or even fracture, especially when the working object of the shovel is hard minerals, when the bucket teeth impact large hard minerals, Due to the large reaction force, the bucket teeth originally fixed on the tooth seat on the bucket are easy to break or loose and fall off.