Mobile Metal Casting Web

Mobile metal casting web was established in 2014, which is a professional metal casting information website. It offers the local people localized Internet information service. For the strangers, it opens a window to know more about metal casting.

Through professional Angle of view, mobile metal casting webprovides the majority of mobile Internet users the real and effectivemetal casting product information, transaction information, enterprise information, etc. Through the column content Settings, it uses intuitive, convenient way to enhance brand awareness, promote the exchange of information between industries.

Mobile metal casting web builds an industry information portal in 24-hour operation. It conveys users the information timely and accurately. With the aid of high-speed mobile Internet development opportunity and the user’s resource advantages, it actively contributesto the construction of the website and further deepening the industry information delivering results.

As a transfer of resources, mobile metal casting web plays a role of platform, relying on domestic scientific research institutions and the metal casting association, surrounding the industry exhibition forresource integration, going through intensively propaganda and promotion to provide the small and medium-sized metal foundry enterprises a product display offline channel. Mobile metal casting webcollects a large number of local metal casting information, thoroughly implementing the regionalization of search results.

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