Some Knowledge of Casting Aluminium

Aluminum is a sort of extremely rich metallic element on earth. In the end of the 19th century, aluminum had become a competitive metal in the engineering application. Casting aluminium has been used into important industries such as aviation, construction, and automobile industry. With so many applications, there are more detailed requirements during the casting aluminium.

When preparing for the raw materials, workers should inspect the appearance of raw materials, analyze the chemical composition and weigh various materials according to the result of batching calculation. In addition, the casting aluminium also includes weighing and drying refining agent and alterant. When smelting, the raw materials should be taken into the furnace according to certain order. The raw materials can be melted into uniform chemical composition. After the materials are melted, wokers need to take out some samples for test to check whether all kinds of chemical components conform to the requirements of the technical standard. If some are beyond the technical standards in the casting aluminium, it is necessary to adjust several kinds of chemical components to achieve the technical standard. The workers can cast the aluminum castings with qualified chemical composition, good metamorphic effect, and standard air content and slag content into aluminum ingots.

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