Modeling and core making control of diesel engine crankcase in sand casting

These two processes are basically similar, which are the basis of the whole casting process and directly affect the box matching and casting in the later stage. Process control shall focus on discipline inspection of equipment, raw materials and process.

1. Equipment links

In terms of equipment, it is mainly to inspect the sand mixer, core shooting machine and mold. The inspection of the sand mixer can be carried out through patrol inspection, and the mechanical strength of the sand mold sample on the same day can be inspected. The mold is the guarantee of the product quality of the two links and should be the key to the supervision and inspection. During the inspection, the mold state can be checked first, and the factory can check whether the mold is inspected regularly according to the requirements. The inspection can be carried out through corresponding records and reports. In addition, the physical parts shall be inspected, especially the appearance and size. The commonly used mold forms include wood mold and metal mold. The rigidity and accuracy of metal mold are better than wood mold. Special attention should be paid to wood molds, which may be deformed due to long-term use, resulting in local deformation of the produced cement core.

2. Raw materials

The raw material link is mainly to strengthen the inspection of the cold iron, check whether the cold iron has been treated before use, and check whether its appearance has casting defects such as rust, pits and bumps. In addition, it shall be verified whether the shape and size of the cold iron meet the process requirements, as shown in the figure.

3. Process discipline inspection

The process discipline inspection is mainly to check the standardization of the process performed by the operators and whether the construction process fully meets the requirements of the process documents. It can be checked from the details, such as the drying time and the placement position of the cold iron. This link should also carry out targeted inspection on the risk points analyzed in the early stage, mainly to check the appearance of cylinder hole dirt core and camshaft hole mud core, and check whether there is deformation and cracking.

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