Modular design of engine block iron casting system

The purpose of digital pouring and riser process system for cylinder block iron castings is to provide reliable, fast and convenient information sharing and management for users. Its main function is to store the basic information of cylinder block iron castings and the casting process information of cylinder block iron castings, including riser feeding technology, gating system technology and typical casting process, etc., so as to realize the information and casting process of pouring and riser process Information and digital management. The digital pouring and riser system of cylinder block iron castings mainly includes two aspects: the basic information of cylinder body castings and the process information of casting risers.

1、 Basic information of cast iron castings for cylinder block. The basic information of casting mainly includes the information of molding method and molding sand material, which is the basis of product process design and production quality control of cylinder block casting enterprises. With the continuous innovation of production technology and process, the basic information of castings is also in constant innovation. The correct statistics and analysis of the basic information of castings in the production process will help the technical personnel to quickly discover the process design rules in the production process, and play a positive guiding role in strengthening the quality control of castings and realizing the accurate forming of castings.

2、 The casting and riser process information of cylinder block iron castings. It is convenient to design the riser in a short time, and the basic data can not be obtained in the riser design. Therefore, the digital gating and riser system not only stores a large number of standard and empirical data, but also needs to be stored and updated in real time.

At the same time, on the basis of statistical research, the combination of the basic information of cylinder block castings and casting riser process information can summarize the typical gating and riser processes of casting production, break through the limitations and imperfections of the existing technology, and realize the optimization and upgrading of the process.

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