Network intelligent casting technology, production and quality integration technology

1.Current situation

The network manufacturing mode of foundry enterprises refers to a new mode that foundry enterprises adopt information technology to integrate the resources of order, design, production and sales flexibly and efficiently, to integrate the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, and to improve the market reaction and competitiveness of enterprises. Specifically speaking, the implementation of network manufacturing in foundry enterprises is to promote information construction and strengthen the integration of the two. At present, with Premier Li Keqiang and Chancellor Merkel signing the action plan of China Germany cooperation: CO shaping innovation recently, network manufacturing has begun to enter the era of industry 4.0 emphasizing Intelligent Manufacturing: the entire production process is controlled by software, including human-computer integration, machine and external machine integration, production process and external partner integration, etc.

The current situation of network manufacturing and informatization in foundry industry is as follows: (1) the informatization strength of foundry enterprises is weak; (2) the information integration and collaborative management and control of upstream and downstream enterprises are less; (3) the production quality digital management and control and ERP penetration rate are still to be developed; (4) the overall development stage is in progress, and in recent years, it shows a vigorous development trend; (5) A small number of foundry enterprises have carried out overall process management and control on the process production quality, and realized the whole life cycle tracing of single piece.

The development trend of network manufacturing and information construction of foundry enterprises in China is as follows:

(1) The integration of process PDM and management ERP, and the formation of collaboration with the production quality system, to achieve mutual drive and constraints.

(2) The key parts and important parts shall be subject to the digital management of single production and quality, and the digital monitoring and management of the whole process of key production.

(3) Intelligent management technology and intelligent casting equipment.

(4) Data integration of workshop equipment and online management and control technology of workshop.

(5) Industrial chain network collaborative integrated manufacturing and big data analysis technology.


The network intelligent casting technology, production and quality integration technology mainly solves the problems of how to deal with the real-time field information and how to analyze it in the later stage in the casting production process, so as to achieve the purpose of interconnection, network cooperation and network intelligent casting. In order to realize this process, we need to study from many aspects: in the aspect of combining with hardware: intelligent casting equipment technology and bidirectional data integration technology of software and hardware, on-site identification technology and equipment of casting information; in the aspect of casting process: building casting process knowledge base, digital management and collaborative technology of casting process production quality; In the aspect of management: the theory and system technology of foundry production data flexibility analysis, the system technology of foundry whole business process integration and industrial chain integration. On the basis of the above technology breakthrough one by one, the software and hardware technology platform of network intelligent casting process, production and quality integration is developed, which can realize the intelligent integration and flexible analysis of casting production process software and hardware information as a whole.


(1) Target to be achieved by 2020:

Through the construction of flexible information processing and analysis technology system, a software and hardware technology platform of interconnection network collaboration, networking and intelligent casting integration is built.

(2) Target to be achieved by 2025:

Achieve the integration of industrial chain network, enterprise value chain network, digital management system and workshop equipment software and hardware network to realize intelligent casting and intelligent management.

(3) Target to be achieved by 2030:

Promote the upgrading of industrial structure, build a number of foundry 4.0 demonstration plants, and enhance the overall strength of the industry.

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