No water cooling of high alloy roll bottom furnace roll by centrifugal casting

In order to alleviate the impact of human beings on climate change, energy efficiency of iron and steel enterprises has become more and more important. To minimize energy cost and life cycle cost has become the goal of capital intensive key equipment. The ultimate goal of operators is zero equipment failure, zero safety accident and zero production loss.

In the past, the iron and steel industry has been using water cooling rolls made of low alloy materials, and in line with the principle that water cooling rolls are cheaper to buy. However, this solution is neither energy-saving nor economical, because it requires water for cooling, which increases the energy cost, thus forming problems such as large heat loss, intensive maintenance, and easy failure.

The water-free cooling furnace roll made of cast heat-resistant alloy with alumina structure is a solution with excellent technology and energy saving effect. First of all, because of the excellent creep resistance and oxidation resistance, operators can operate at very high working temperature, so as to maintain the correct metal phase state of slab before rolling process, and prolong the service life of cast heat-resistant alloy with chromium oxide rust layer. Under the same operating conditions, due to the improvement of performance, the service life can be extended by 2.5 times. Secondly, there is no need for water cooling system and related maintenance work, which saves a lot of energy costs and maintenance costs. It can save 95% of the operator cost by using the cooling roller made of 60 HT r centrifugally cast heat-resistant alloy with alumina layer structure. After a heat treatment furnace user changes to 60 HT r water-free cooling furnace roller, the energy saving is 55%, the service life is increased by 250%, and the total annual saving is 2.3 million US dollars.

The industrial furnace industry has successfully used the high alloy and heat-resistant alloy to make the furnace roll by centrifugal casting process, which has both high-temperature mechanical strength and oxidation resistance. Chromium alloy is suitable for low temperature environment. When it is in high temperature environment, it will be out of the local limit. Aluminum alloy forms a compact and stable alumina layer on the surface of high-temperature casting alloy, which has the best oxidation resistance and the highest creep resistance, thus greatly improving the function of water-free cooling furnace roll, improving the process efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection effect and operation reliability. The roller hearth furnace and heat treatment furnace adopt the anhydrous cooling furnace roller made of high-quality metallurgical materials, which is advanced in technology, safe and reliable, and has the cost competitive advantage.

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