Advantages of digital casting manufacturer

The establishment of digital foundry has many advantages, as follows:

1) Improve the quality of factory design

Digital factory design is also called visual design. Because digital factory is a high degree of simulation of real factory, many design errors that can be found in the construction process can be found in the early stage of construction, such as pipeline collision, process interference, logistics irregularity, equipment mismatch, etc.

2) Shorten the construction period

It is understood that the design cycle of the digital chemical plant can be shortened by 30% ~ 60% compared with the ordinary plant, and the construction cycle can be shortened by about 40%. Because the virtual simulation can be carried out for the new products, and the information of each department can be shared in the whole implementation process, the product development time and process validation time are shortened, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of the new products according to the plan.

3) Save resources and reduce costs

First of all, a lot of trial production work is completed in the virtual environment, which reduces the production of many physical items, thus reducing the waste of resources. Secondly, the high accuracy of the digital chemical plant reduces the changes in the process of project construction to the maximum extent, reduces the personnel link, reduces the trial product quantity, thus reduces the direct investment and operation cost of the project.

4) Easy for lean production

As the digital foundry is a highly virtual simulation, in addition to modeling and simulating the product development process, it is also necessary to simulate the reorganization and operation of the production system according to the product changes, so that the production system can understand the use performance of the system before it is put into operation, and analyze its reliability, economy, quality, duration, etc., so as to continuously optimize in the construction process, Get the most reasonable process layout and equipment selection, reduce resource consumption.

5) Improve product quality

Because digital technology can strictly control and arrange product design, product raw materials, production process, etc., and because of information sharing, the uncertainty between product design and casting process is reduced, so that the casting design is more reasonable and the product quality is improved [4]. The optimization and accurate realization of various data in the production process ensure the high quality of castings.

6) Convenient for production management

Digital foundry can use the information technology to transmit the field information to the production manager accurately through the network, such as task assignment, material management, production beat, quality management, etc., so as to ensure that the right materials are delivered to the right place at the right time.