Numerical simulation and process optimization of steel damping casting bearing

In the casting process design and process optimization of transfer casting, the “trial and error method” is usually used to determine the new process, that is, through continuous production verification to gradually optimize the process plan. However, in each trial production process, there will be some uncertain factors interfering with the results, resulting in a long trial and error period, unstable process scheme, and huge R & D costs for enterprises. The application and promotion of numerical simulation software in the field of casting greatly shorten the period of research and development and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

Taking a steel casting of steel damping bridge bearing as the research object, ProCAST numerical simulation software is used to simulate the casting process, and combined with production verification, a better process scheme is determined to improve product quality and process yield.

ProCAST is a kind of casting process simulation analysis software developed by ues company in 1985. It was acquired by ESI company of France in 2002. Visual environment was introduced as a pre-processing module to solve the problem of grid processing difficulties in the old version of ProCAST. The current version has been updated to visual environment 13.5 with ProCAST 2018 solver. ProCAST is suitable for almost all casting processes. It can simulate the in-situ state of liquid metal filling process. It can show casting defects such as air entrapment, cold shut-off and insufficient pouring. It can accurately predict the location and size of shrinkage porosity defects, and analyze the stress deformation, crack, microstructure morphology, etc.