Selection of casting position of bridge bearing steel casting

The pouring position of a casting refers to the current state (posture) and position of the casting in the mold, that is, which part of the casting is up, down or side standing. The pouring position is usually divided into horizontal, vertical and inclined casting, namely the so-called horizontal pouring, vertical pouring and oblique pouring. Because of the different molding methods between EPC and sand casting, it is more important to choose the pouring position. The following principles shall be considered in determining the pouring position.

(1) The important parts and machining surfaces of castings should face downward or upright.

(2) try to make the surface area of the foam pattern cross sectional area smaller than that of the circumference.

(3) It is beneficial to the filling of liquid metal, prevent the defects such as insufficient pouring and cold shut caused by too slow pouring speed or broken soft, and at the same time avoid the risk of mold collapse.

(4) The feeding effect of riser should be fully considered to ensure the sequential solidification conditions to prevent shrinkage cavity and porosity.

(5) the position of the foam pattern in the sand box should be conducive to the filling of dry sand, so as to avoid horizontal position and blind hole in the downward position.

According to the above design principles and considering the structure of the bridge bearing product, the important part of the bridge bearing product is the circular arc surface, which is the important processing matching surface and the main stress part; the four square blind holes on both sides are the weight reduction holes, which belong to the non important parts. Horizontal pouring and vertical pouring can be selected for the pouring position of the product. Each of the two schemes has advantages and disadvantages. The numerical simulation and comparative analysis of the two pouring schemes will be carried out to determine the better Pouring Scheme.

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