Numerical simulation of box casting forming

Based on the box casting simulation technology and different process schemes, the simulation software ProCAST is used to simulate and analyze the typical reducer box. The main research contents are as follows:

(1) The structural characteristics of box casting are summarized, the research status of numerical simulation technology in box casting forming process is summarized, and the research situation of vibration technology in casting forming process is briefly introduced.

(2) The numerical simulation theory of box casting process is introduced from the aspects of mold filling, solidification and defects.

(3) CATIA is used to establish the models of box casting, riser and gating system, divide the grid in ProCAST, and set the thermal and physical parameters of materials.

(4) ProCAST simulation software is used to simulate the mold filling and solidification process of typical reducer box body casting, simulate and analyze each pouring scheme, determine the appropriate pouring scheme, and then simulate from the aspects of pouring temperature, pouring speed and pouring system to find the best casting process parameters.

(5) Based on the three-dimensional discrete element visual simulation technology and the solid-liquid coupling method of edem and fluent, the influence of multi-dimensional vibration on the mold filling ability of castings under the condition of solid-liquid two-phase flow is studied.