Numerical simulation of box casting process

The filling process and solidification process of typical box castings are simulated by using the casting process numerical simulation software. The combination of visualization technology and casting technology solves the problem that the traditional casting can not observe the change of liquid metal in the mold cavity, optimizes the process scheme, improves the quality of castings, and provides the basis for formulating the process scheme suitable for box castings.

(1) The casting numerical simulation technology is used to simulate the process scheme of typical box castings under different parameters, and find the process scheme suitable for typical box castings.

(2) Based on the three-dimensional discrete element visual simulation technology and the solid-liquid coupling method of edem and fluent, the influence of multi-dimensional vibration on the mold filling ability of box casting under the condition of solid-liquid two-phase flow is studied.

The structural characteristics of box parts are summarized. The research status of numerical simulation technology of casting forming process in box casting at home and abroad is summarized, and the research of vibration technology in casting forming process is introduced.