Numerical simulation of casting process in China

Casting technology is a metal hot working process with a long history. It is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing industry. The casting process is complex, there are many factors affecting the quality of castings, and castings are prone to defects. In the traditional Chinese casting industry, process design and casting quality control often rely on empirical method. The flow state of liquid metal in the cold mold and the temperature field and stress field during solidification can not be directly reflected in the casting process.

With the development of computer technology, computer simulation technology has been widely used in China’s casting field. China casting computer simulation can visualize the distribution changes of stress field, temperature field and flow field, the growth and morphology of microstructure and grains in the casting process. The process involves gravity casting and special casting such as low pressure, die casting and centrifugation. The simulation technology has also entered the industrial practical application from laboratory research. Especially in the stage of China’s casting process design, under different process flow and parameter settings, the influence of China’s casting production process and possible defects of castings are effectively predicted, so as to optimize the casting process parameters and obtain high-quality castings.

With the deepening of the research on the theory and method of casting simulation in China, the results of numerical simulation are becoming more and more accurate, which can be better applied to the research field and industrial production. China has approached the world advanced level in the field of casting numerical simulation theory, but there are few achievements in the development and application of professional casting simulation software. During the “14th five year plan” period, China’s total casting output will increase at a medium and low speed. It is expected that the total casting output will reach about 55 million tons in 2025. Chinese foundry enterprises have realized the importance of prediction and analysis of simulation software in the production process. China should continue to deepen the research on casting simulation theory and method and develop mature domestic professional simulation software, At the same time, strengthen the research in the field of numerical simulation of casting microstructure in China. It is believed that China’s casting process simulation software will be more widely used in Chinese casting enterprises.

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