Current situation of China steel casting industry

There are more than 30 large-scale casting production enterprises in China, most of which are large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. At present, only a few manufacturers such as the first heavy and the second heavy can produce China steel castings of more than 200 t. The products of the whole industry are mainly supplied to the domestic market, and a small part of them are exported. The main varieties are large castings for power stations, metallurgical parts and petrochemical equipment, marine equipment, mining equipment and aerospace equipment.

With the medium and high-speed development of equipment manufacturing industry, China casting industry has made great progress, the casting quality and output have been steadily improved, the average scale of industry enterprises has increased year by year, the industrial concentration has gradually improved, and the casting material structure has been further optimized. A number of influential large enterprises such as China first heavy industry, North heavy industry, China second heavy industry, CITIC Heavy Industry and Taizhong are engaged in casting technology Great progress has been made in manufacturing equipment, and a number of advanced achievements with international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights have been made.

According to incomplete statistics, at the end of 2009, there were about 30000 foundry enterprises and 1.5-2 million employees in China, including 4700 steel foundries, accounting for 15.7% of the total number of foundry enterprises in China. More than 100 China steel casting enterprises have been able to produce castings with a single weight of more than 30 tons. Nearly 100 lost foam casting China steel casting enterprises produce China steel castings, and the production capacity of medium and large lost foam casting Chinese steel castings is gradually improved. The maximum weight of single lost foam casting China steel castings has reached 1.5 tons, and the annual output of 10000 tons of lost foam casting China steel castings production line is settled in Huaxingda special steel casting company. The technological equipment and management level of some leading China steel casting enterprises are equivalent to the advanced level of industrial developed countries. The independent manufacturing capacity of key castings has been further improved. The dimensional accuracy, surface quality, internal quality and export grade of castings have been greatly improved, and the competitiveness in the international market has been significantly enhanced.

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