Numerical simulation of squeeze casting process

With the rapid development of computer technology, solidification simulation technology is also developing very rapidly. The solidification simulation CAE and casting process CAD at home and abroad are widely used The software has been widely used in computer numerical simulation of casting process, involving the velocity field and flow field of filling process, the stress field and temperature field of solidification process, the microstructure of solidification process and the formation mechanism of shrinkage cavity, porosity and crack.

The widely used casting simulation softwares are ProCAST of America, AnyCasting of Korea, magmosoft of Germany, simulor of France, Huazhu CAE of Huazhong University of science and technology, strifcast of Shenyang Foundry Research Institute and FT star of Tsinghua University. By using the above software to simulate the forming process of squeeze casting, and comparing with the test, the problems are analyzed and solved, and the related defects are predicted in advance, so as to achieve the goal of improving the design benefit of squeeze casting parts.

Shao long et al. Derived the heat conduction differential equation of temperature field in solidification process by squeeze casting theory, established the mathematical model of heat transfer process, and used Microsoft VC + + 6.0 The dialog box of setting casting and mold size and thermophysical parameters was developed, and the calculation module of solidification field temperature field was developed. The numerical simulation of solidification process of two typical aluminum alloy squeeze casting parts under squeeze casting process was carried out, and the possible defect types and positions of castings were predicted. The calculation results were consistent with the casting simulation software AnyCasting The simulation results are consistent with each other. Hu Chuanlin and others studied A356 aluminum alloy by AnyCasting Two different squeeze casting models were numerically simulated by the software. The orthogonal experimental scheme was used to analyze the optimal process parameters. By comparing the entrainment and metal flow of the two models in the filling and solidification process, a better scheme to solve the porosity and inclusion defects was obtained. Through the experimental verification, the simulation results were consistent with the experiment, and the repetition of the mold repair process was reduced The production efficiency is improved. Xu ruozhen and others used ProCAST software to simulate and analyze the squeeze casting of A356 alloy front subframe. Through the simulation of filling process and the prediction of defects, a better squeeze casting forming scheme was determined, which provided effective theoretical guidance for production practice. Li, Yize, etc. take the automobile control arm as the research object, use the software magmosoft to simulate the squeeze casting process, and accurately predict the position of the parts prone to shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity. The experimental results have been verified.

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