Operation instruction for tree assembly of casting investment casting

Operating procedures:

a) Before assembly and welding, visual inspection shall be carried out for all wax molds again to remove unqualified products.

The sprue type (die type) shall be selected according to the casting process requirements. The die head shall be trimmed and free of crack, cavity and sharp angle.

b) Carry out strict inspection on various wax models of die head, remove those with deformation, hollowness, cracks on the surface and nuts.

c) For the upper cover plate of the qualified die head, the paint slurry and sand on the plate must be removed before the upper cover plate. After the upper cover plate, the gap between the die head and the sprue cup shall be welded tightly with a welding knife, and the lower part of the sprue plate shall be marked with a steel number according to different materials.

d) Preheat the electric soldering iron to the working temperature, put the die head in place, weld the wax mold neatly and firmly on the die head according to the technological regulations, pay attention to that there shall be no gap at the welding position, the electric soldering iron shall not touch the surface of the wax mold, and the wax liquid shall not drip onto the wax mold.

e) Blow off the wax chips on the mould tree with compressed air, hang the mould tree on the transport trolley and send it to the surface layer for cleaning.

f) After the wax parts are hung up, the data card of wax parts tree shall be filled in correctly, including the name of wax parts, number of pieces, number of pieces, completion time of wax parts tree, etc., and sent to the next process together with the unwheeling.

g) Cut off the power supply of electric soldering iron in time after work, place it properly and clean the site. Keep the work and environment clean and tidy.


The welding of wax mould and sprue mould head shall be firm, and there shall be no depression and gap at the weld joint.

It is strictly forbidden to drop wax on the wax mold. If there is any wax drop, it must be carefully repaired, but the wax piece itself must not be damaged.

The electric soldering iron shall be connected to the leakage protector, and the electric soldering iron shall be used correctly. The soldering iron shall not be inverted to prevent the wax from flowing into the soldering iron core and burning the iron.

No fireworks are allowed in the workshop to ensure work safety.

Pay attention to safety, cut off the power after work.

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