Operation instruction of wax pressing in investment casting

Operation procedure:

Check whether the oil pressure, heat preservation temperature and operation button of the wax compressor are normal, and adjust the injection pressure, wax nozzle temperature, pressure maintaining time and cooling time of the wax compressor according to the technical regulations.

Stamping: inject wax into the aluminum mold under 4kg pressure and 45 ℃ – 60 ℃, cool for 5-15 minutes, and cure.

Take out the wax cylinder from the incubator, install it on the wax press, and extrude the wax material mixed with air on the upper part.

Place the mold on the working surface of the wax press, adjust the wax nozzle to make it consistent with the height of the wax injection mouth of the mold, check whether all the cores and movable blocks of the mold are in the correct position, and whether the opening and closing of the mold are smooth.

Open the mold, spray a thin layer of parting agent, close the mold, and align the wax nozzle.

Press the working button with both hands to press the wax mold.

Pull out the core, open the mold, take out the wax mold carefully, put it on one side of the worktable, close the mold and start to press down one piece, at the same time, put the piece into the cooling water or storage plate for cooling as required after rough inspection without defects, and the cooling time is 4 hours. Note that the wax mold with the following defects shall be scrapped:

(1) Due to the air entrained in the mold material, the wax mold has bulged locally;

(2) Any part of the wax mold is defective;

(3) The wax mould is deformed and cannot be repaired simply;

(4) The size does not meet the requirements.

Remove the residual mold materials on the mold, and pay attention to that only bamboo knife can be used instead of metal knife to remove the residual mold materials, so as to prevent the mold cavity and parting surface from being damaged, and blow the parting surface of the mold with compressed air nozzle. The wax chips on the core shall be sprayed with parting agent every 2-10 pieces depending on the die structure and use.

Take the wax mold out of the cooling water gently in time, blow out the wax chips and water drops with compressed air, carry out self inspection and close it. Place in storage tray.

After each shift is off duty or the mold is used, clean the mold with soft cloth or cotton stick. If the mold is damaged or abnormal, report to the foreman immediately for handling. And clean the wax press, tools and site to make sure they are clean and tidy.


When pressing the wax mold, first check it, and then operate it after confirming it is qualified. The pressing parameters cannot be changed easily during the process of pressing the wax mold.

The mold cavity shall not be sprayed with too much parting agent, and it shall be uniform. If necessary, the parting agent can be blown evenly with the help of compressed air nozzle.

When using the new mold, be sure to make clear the mold assembly, disassembly sequence and wax mold removal method.

The wax molds shall be placed in the storage tray, and shall be isolated from each other to avoid damage. Attention shall be paid to the laying direction to prevent deformation. If necessary, clamps can be used to avoid deformation of the wax molds.

For pipe valve wax mould, more than 1 / 2 of the wax mould shall be placed in the storage tray.

Correctly fill in the wax mold label, including the operator’s name, wax mold name, pressing time, number of pieces, etc., and do not fill in or scribble.

Before work, the wax in the wax tank shall be shot, the residual wax shall be discharged, the waste wax mold and waste wax shall be put into the waste wax box (barrel) and sent to the wax treatment process in time.

When the wax press is working, it is strictly prohibited to use hands to hold the mold or extend hands under the combined table, and it is strictly prohibited to operate the button with one hand to prevent personal safety accidents.

It is strictly prohibited to use the sealing surface of wax compressor to press other objects to prevent machine damage and personal accidents.

No fireworks in the workshop.

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