Optimization and innovation of carbon emission in sand casting process based on process parameters

The main innovations of carbon emission optimization of sand casting process based on process parameters can be summarized as follows:

  1. In view of the lack of calculation of carbon emission from sand casting in the process design stage, according to the needs of process carbon emission, the key parameter categories suitable for carbon emission calculation of sand casting are analyzed, and the relationship model between various parameters and various carbon sources is established, which provides an analysis basis for subsequent carbon emission calculation.
  2. The composition of carbon source and the properties of sand casting process parameters are studied, and a carbon emission calculation model that can be used in the design stage of sand casting process is established, which realizes the advance calculation of carbon emission, and provides a basis for the subsequent process carbon emission optimization.
  3. Aiming at the demand of low-carbon optimization of sand casting, the proposed design scheme of sand casting process parameters is optimized by taking four variables in sand casting process parameters as the optimization object. The optimized scheme effectively reduces the total carbon emission under the condition of meeting the quality.