Optimization design of cylinder block sand casting fixture body

In addition to meeting the process requirements such as the accuracy of the lower core of the sand core, the excellent (aesthetic) design of the important tooling such as the lower core fixture of the cylinder block sand casting should also keep pace with the times with the modern civilized factory and civilized production. Its application in production plays no less important role than the tooling such as the hot (cold) core box of the corresponding sand core, and it is more eye-catching. This is especially important and necessary for professional casting mold companies (commercial production).

The appearance optimization (aesthetic) design of the lower core clamp body of cylinder block sand casting is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Precision fabrication of outer surface

For the lower core fixture body of cylinder block sand casting, for the outer surface of the parts that can be directly viewed by human vision, the parts shall be manufactured with the finishing surface as far as possible, so as to make the casting tooling rise to the high-quality level in appearance, change the traditional silly, large and coarse concepts of casting tooling, and further optimize (beautify) its appearance. To achieve this effect, it is also necessary to change the traditional design structure: that is, the traditional frame outside the reinforcement is flat inside, and the small window with less reinforcement is improved to the new structure of inner reinforcement, outer light and multi reinforcement large window shown in Figure 2.

2. Application of golden section principle

When designing the body structure of the lower core fixture for cylinder block sand casting, or in the design of other parts and even the final assembly structure, this design principle (concept) should be preferred wherever the golden section principle can be implemented (Applied). As shown in Figure 2, the width of the fixture body is as large as the golden section of the length (0.618 times); Four balance bars are distributed at the golden section position in the length direction of the body; And the golden section point whose size is the length and height of the window on the four sides of the body. It is not difficult to see from the sections in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 that after fully applying the golden section concept to guide the design, the two cylinder block sand casting lower core clamps have beautiful structure and shape, giving people aesthetic enjoyment such as size coordination. The tooling made according to Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 is also highly praised and praised by the production operators and user managers.

3. Rigidity and weight of body

According to the author’s investigation, at present, many cylinder block sand casting foundries and cylinder block sand casting lower core fixture body parts adopt casting structure, which is very beneficial to improve the rigidity of body parts and overcome the deformation problems that are easy to occur in the process of use. This material selection is positive; However, there are still many foundries or casting mold manufacturing companies that fail to make good use of the above design principles (Concepts) in the structural design of parts such as the body: on the one hand, the structural dimensions of the designed fixture are not very coordinated, as well as the traditional coarse and silly appearance such as external reinforcement and rough surface; On the other hand, in order to strengthen the rigidity of the body, the design size of the body wall thickness is often up to 25 mm ~ 35 mm, which not only wastes materials, but also increases the kinetic energy consumption in the process of production and application.

Production practice shows that the casting wall thickness of the cylinder block sand casting lower core fixture body structure shown in Figure 2 is 12mm ~ 15mm, which can well meet the process requirements. At the same time, supplemented with an appropriate amount of stiffener structure, the cylinder block sand casting lower core fixture can not only have sufficient rigidity, but also reduce weight and save kinetic energy consumption in the process of use.