Optimization design of lower core fixture for cylinder block sand casting

The complex thin-walled iron castings of vehicle engine cylinder block are usually mass produced on the sand casting line. In the process of sand casting, its important tooling – lower core fixture: on the one hand, it plays a role in ensuring the dimensional accuracy of many sand core combinations and lower cavities; On the other hand, it must match the production speed saving of the assembly line; In addition, the structure of the lower core clamp should meet the production process requirements, be simple and reliable, easy to operate and low production cost.

However, for such important technological equipment, first, data research is rare; Second, according to the author’s investigation of many domestic cylinder block iron castings sand casting production plants for many years, it is found that there are still many deficiencies in the lower core fixture structure of cylinder block in many factories. In view of this, some experience gained by ZHY casting in the exploration and research of this kind of tooling design, production and application in recent years can be discussed in the aspect of optimal design for reference.

ZHY casting believes that an excellent designer of sand casting mold and tooling should first be a real expert and expert, but also an aesthetic worker. The products (Tooling) designed (produced) by yourself should be practical, economical, simple and reliable; It should also make the product and its drawing design beautiful, like a handicraft, so that people who look at the drawing and tooling have a sense of beauty. In addition, an excellent designer should have the spirit of not only daring to doubt the authority, but also having today’s me. He should strive to deny yesterday’s me, that is, his design level should be continuously improved and keep pace with the times. Only in this way can the whole design – the design of important tooling such as lower core fixture achieve more optimized and better design effect.