Optimization of impeller casting process based on AnyCasting

Based on AnyCasting, the process simulation and optimization of large aluminum silicon alloy casting impeller are carried out, and the sand casting process and defects are studied. The research results show that:

(1) Before the optimization of the impeller casting process, the numerical simulation results show that the solidification sequence of the cast impeller is the final cooling of the thick part in the middle relative to the riser, and the distribution diagram of probability defect parameters is also verified, so there is no timely feeding in this area and shrinkage cavity is formed.

(2) After the optimization of impeller casting process, the expected ideal solidification sequence is realized, the feeding channel remains unblocked, the feeding function is improved, the solidification rate of thick parts becomes larger, and the casting has no shrinkage porosity and shrinkage cavity defects.

(3) Through flaw detection, the impeller casting produced after process optimization is found to have no pores on the surface and no shrinkage defects inside the cast impeller. The structure is dense, which can meet the requirements of production and actual use.