Original process scheme of sand casting

A set of process parameters are designed, as shown in the table.

Parameter typeProgramme
Draft angle
Machining allowance9mm
Fillet radius8mm
Sprue section size70mm
Cross section size of runner40/50 × 70mm
Section size of air outletΦ 110 × 300mm
Pouring temperature1446℃
Molding sand gas production15.5ml/g
Cooling time24H

The sand mold casting process design scheme 1 is verified by ProCAST software, and the simulation results are shown in the figure. The drawing of the sand casting comes from the domestic sand casting company. The sand casting in the drawing is a component of the central air conditioning compressor. Under the simulated boundary conditions, the filling time is 20s, the temperature is 1446 ℃, the cooling mode of the sand box is air cooling (FilmCo = 10, t = 20c), the sand mold material is resin sand and the alloy is en-gjl-250. The sand casting is completely solidified in the sand box. As shown in figure a, a small amount of shrinkage cavity is mainly located on the gating system and shell base. The simulation results show that the quality of sand mold casting is qualified. Figure B is the outline drawing of sand mold casting, and the three process parameters of machining allowance, draft angle and fillet radius are marked in Figure B.

Based on the process parameters, the weight of a single sand mold casting is calculated as shown in the formula:

The weight of a single sand casting is calculated as follows:

Similarly, it can be calculated that the weight of the gating system is 135kg and the weight of resin sand to be input is 2747.09kg.