Our Iron Foundry Manufacturing

Iron foundry manufacturing is very common in foundry industry manufacturing. We often see scenes like molten iron pouring. There is also sand mold we use for the iron foundry. There are many kinds of sand we can use in iron foundry process such as green sand, resin sand or other sand. Different sand we use will have different advantages in iron foundry manufacturing.

iron foundry (1)In iron foundry process, there will be different size and shape mold. The mold has a hollow cavity we will use it for pouring the iron liquid into it. Also we use the hollow cavity to solidify the iron liquid in iron foundry process. Our iron foundry finished products has a high quality and excellent performing properties in many industries.

Iron foundry method can make many kinds of difficult and non standard finished casting products. We manufacture many kinds of complicated shape and different size iron foundry finished products. By using the commonly adopted iron foundry method, we can manufacture different kinds of stable casting products. Our iron foundry is also durable and wearable to use. During our iron foundry manufacturing process, we control and calculate many kinds of situations. We control the process of mold filling very well to make high quality iron foundry.

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