Overview of molding manufacturing technology

The pillar industry of China’s economic development is the modern machinery manufacturing industry. In order to promote the sound and rapid development of China’s economy, we must integrate with the international advanced manufacturing technology. In the 21st century, China’s network technology, computer technology, sensing and other high-tech rapid development, mechanical manufacturing industry has basically achieved intelligent. At the same time, China has introduced a number of international advanced technologies, such as molding manufacturing technology. Molding manufacturing technology refers to the use of discrete principle or stacking principle and different methods to process stacked materials under the control of computer, so as to form parts. It can reduce the production cost and greatly improve the production efficiency. Applying it to the modern machinery manufacturing industry in China is conducive to promoting the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, so as to improve the economic strength.

Forming manufacturing technology is a kind of modern processing technology to manufacture parts according to three-dimensional modeling data. This technology occupies an important position in the mechanical manufacturing industry, and can help manufacturing factories complete the production of products quickly and accurately. In the choice of materials, molding manufacturing technology has no limitations. Whether it is plastic, wood materials, or metal materials, these materials can be used to produce industrial products. In addition to occupying a certain advantage in material selection, molding manufacturing technology also has amazing achievements in operational efficiency. When applied to industrial production, the technology can not only quickly and accurately manufacture finished products, but also spend 3-4 hours to complete the production of large quantities of finished products. For new product development or manufacturing mechanical parts, it can quickly complete the manufacturing. In the production process, there is no need to use any instruments, molds and tools, which can not only shorten the production and processing time, but also reduce the processing cost, which has a certain help to improve the economic benefits of the factory. It can be seen that whether it is the production of complex parts, or the production of a high number of parts, the application of molding manufacturing technology can effectively achieve the production goals.

In modern mechanical manufacturing industries, such as rapid mold manufacturing, product design evaluation and function test, medical bionic manufacturing, precision casting, product master mold and other modern machinery manufacturing industries, the geometric information of point and surface can be obtained from CAD model discretely, and finally combined with the information of molding process parameters, it can be regular and accurate The material can be controlled from point to surface, and the accumulation of parts from surface to body can greatly improve the production efficiency. However, in order to effectively promote the rapid development of China’s modern machinery manufacturing industry, in addition to the application of such advanced technologies as molding manufacturing technology, more efforts should be made to develop new technologies and explore new technologies and new materials, so as to continuously reduce economic costs, improve product quality and ensure sound and rapid development of China’s economy.

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