Overview of sand casting frame

The gross weight of the frame used in the simulation is 60t, the weight of the pouring riser is 30t, and the maximum overall dimension is 6005mmx2350mmx555mm. The overall structure of the sand casting frame is square window type, in which the size of the window is 3710mmx936mmx555mm. The three-dimensional CAD diagram of the basic structure of the sand casting frame is shown in the figure. The flaw detection requirements of the sand casting frame are high, especially the four arcs of the inner window and the rolling line area are not allowed to be welded, and the arc is particularly prone to sand casting defects, so sand casting is difficult.

The material used for the frame casting of sand casting is zg230-450. Its chemical composition can be obtained according to the value, and the chemical composition of the sand casting material is given. This material belongs to low carbon steel. Its crystallization interval is narrow, and the solidification area on the section during solidification is relatively narrow. The crystal axes of columnar crystals formed during solidification point to the center. When the liquid steel between crystal axes solidifies and shrinks, if it is not supplemented by foreign liquid steel, concentrated shrinkage cavities and porosity will be formed.

When calculating the stress field of sand castings, it is also necessary to use the high-temperature mechanical properties of sand castings. Generally, the high-temperature mechanical properties of materials need to be measured experimentally, and the high-temperature mechanical properties parameters of zg230-450 are obtained.