Practical application of automatic casting cleaning production line

At present, there is a production line of a casting factory, with CNC multi axis grinding machine, mechanical arm, automatic transmission line and other equipment. According to the existing equipment, the process of the production line is planned. Firstly, the CNC multi axis grinding equipment is used as the main equipment, and then it works together with other equipment; The blank parts are manually transferred from point a to the designated place for processing, and the sent blank parts are suspended on the air suspension chain, and additional operators are allocated to process them; The finished product is taken away by the mechanical arm and transmitted to the transmission line; After the final processing procedure, the finished product is taken away again by the mechanical arm and placed on the temporary platform; The operators take it down and put it into the equipment for processing, and finally return the finished product to the mechanical arm for transmission; At this time, the transmission area gradually accumulates the finished products, waiting for the finished products to accumulate to a certain amount, and the alarm will be issued.

Using such a production line can ensure the minimum input of users and maximize the benefits; At the same time, the production process should be planned reasonably to avoid the waste of human resources; Combined with the concept of full sequence production, it perfectly solves the actual needs of customers, has high cost performance, effectively deals with different types of products, and improves the production efficiency.

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