Present Situation of Vacuum Moulding in China

China started the experimental study on the vacuum moulding since 1974, which was applied to some large enterprise initially, such as the Shanhaiguan bridge factory and Beijing chemical equipment factory. During that period the shape of workpiece was relatively simple, such as bathtub, turnouts, grate. And the equipments were mostly from Japanese.At the same time,the promotion and application of vacuum moulding process were greatly affected because there was no domestic manufacturers who could supply the plastic film and mechanized equipment.

Nowadays manufacturers with vacuum moulding process have the problem of low productivity and too much manual work. Most manufacturers only apply the vacuum operation to production which is lack of the necessary automation molding, vacuum pumping, laminating, sand plant and cooling equipment. Although the application can maintain the need of production, the uneven heating film, inconsistent lamination and uneven painting have brought great impacts to the quality of castings, which cannot fully reflects the superiority in improving the surface quality by vacuum moulding.Even so,the advantages to produce castings of high productivity and low cost with vacuum moulding method have benefited some casting manufacturers. At present, these manufacturers have extended the scope of application of vacuum moulding to the gear box, petroleum machinery, steel ball, tramcar wheel, piano wire rack and other industries.More and more enterprises recognize the benefits of this kind modeling approach, especially those private enterprises with particular strength.

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