Three Categories of Vacuum Casting Process in China

The enterprises who apply vacuum casting process in their production in our country can be divided into three categories: one is the enterprises with original manual work.This kind factories are only equipped with the necessary vacuum pump, film heating and vibrating table, other work, such as vacuum switch, lifting film and adding sand which are all accomplished by manual work. And the sand box is only simple snakeskin tube type of V sand box. The majority domestic factories adopt this type of vacuum casting process which leads to unstable quality.

The second type is the enterprises with certain production and scale.They possess vacuum system, modeling and sand processing equipment. They employ dedicated sand box with standard and processed vacuum casting process,mechanical model and artificial joint box,most of which are shuttle modeling for two worktables or rockover moulding machine. although the output of this kind factories is not high enough, they have a certain level of automation and stable quality. There are a certain number of such domestic manufacturers which are the development direction of manufacturers with vacuum casting process in China.

The third is the small amount of enterprises with large scale and high degree of automation,Two worktables modeling way cannot satisfy their production requirement.That requests the factories to link up each process of open molding line ,to adopt machinery when drawing and moulding assembling. Because of the special advantages of vacuum casting process, there would be more and more manufacturers who adopting V open molding line with high productivity.

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