Principle and process of Dieless casting forming technology

1. Principle of Dieless casting forming technology

Dieless casting is an advanced digital forming technology. Take the three-dimensional CAD model file of the casting as the carrier, use the created casting process database and casting simulation technology to optimize the model of the casting, complete the injection mold design of the gating system, exhaust holes and parting positioning of the casting mold with the help of UG and other software, divide the mold into multiple sand mold and sand core units according to the actual processing needs, and make a sand blank that meets the processing size, CNC technology is used to cut and process the contour and cavity of the mold, and the size and quality of the mold are detected. After passing the test, each sand mold and sand core unit are assembled into a composite mold, and molten metal is poured to produce high-precision complex castings.

2. Process of Dieless casting forming technology

The technological process of the dieless casting forming technology can be divided into seven links, which are “Digital Design – process database and Simulation – mold parting – sand blank preparation – sand mold (sand core) processing and manufacturing and inspection – composite mold assembly – pouring”.

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