Advantages of Dieless casting forming technology

1. Shorten the production cycle and improve the machining accuracy

The mold less casting process adopts computer automatic processing, and the information processing process generally takes only a few hours. Compared with the traditional casting method, the mold less casting technology effectively shortens the production cycle of complex parts. Because of the direct digital processing of the core, the inclination of the die lift is cancelled, and the forming accuracy of the part is improved. Taking the turbine shell part as an example, the data comparison between the dieless casting forming technology and the traditional casting technology is shown in the table.

CategoryTraditional sand castingDieless casting technologyComparison results
Manufacturing cycle / d60~907Cycle shortened by 80%
Manufacturing process6 ~ 8 sets of molds, multiple turnoverProcessing: modeless modelingShort process and simple process
Manufacturing accuracyCT12CT9Increase by 3 levels
Working condition (environment)High labor intensity and poor environmentDigital production has low labor intensity and is clean and tidyLow labor intensity and cleaner working environment

2. Improve the flexibility and facilitate the production of complex mold

For the castings with complex structural contour and free-form surface, the unique process characteristics of mold free casting forming technology such as assembly and adaptive casting can be fully utilized, which improves the production efficiency and accuracy of complex castings, effectively increases the flexibility of mold design, solves the casting task of complex parts that cannot be completed by traditional casting methods, and ensures the high efficiency, high accuracy and high quality requirements of casting production.

3. Save production resources and realize green casting

Compared with the traditional casting technology, the dieless casting forming technology does not use wood mold, metal mold and other molds for sand molding, does not need mold lifting inclination and process subsidies, effectively reduces the weight of castings, and facilitates the promotion of the characteristics of lightweight, high precision, high efficiency and green manufacturing of castings. With the continuous improvement of technology, the comfort of the working environment has been significantly improved, the labor intensity of operators has been reduced, and the use of energy and raw materials has been saved. The effect is very obvious, which has promoted the transformation and development of China’s foundry industry to green casting.