Problems and solutions of casting cleaning automation process

1. Expensive equipment and high cost

After investigation, it can be found that the reason why the grinding field has always been difficult to develop is that the core technology is mostly in the hands of foreign equipment manufacturers, and foreign sellers always have the intention to monopolize domestic sales, which makes the domestic need to spend a lot of cost to buy equipment, resulting in the phenomenon of high cost. In view of this phenomenon, China needs to start research and development of equipment for basic problems. In the continuous research and development, at this stage, the mastered technology has significantly increased the manufacturing cost in the production, which is conducive to the development of casting cleaning automation process in the later stage.

2. Single machine equipment is difficult to solve problems systematically

For the current market, the imported equipment is single machine equipment in function, which is difficult to give full play to its ability and has certain limitations. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers need to plan the equipment according to the actual situation of the products, determine the construction of the equipment, make rational use of resources, and ensure the effective operation of the equipment.

3. Investigation of market application

The restriction of market application status on domestic development leads to the disconnection between production concept and practice of manufacturers, which makes it difficult to provide effective production equipment for the foundry industry. Even if the equipment is produced, it is difficult to play a role and has an impact on production.

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