Problems of large wheeled tractors and their solutions

1) The steering wheel is loose. Loose steering wheel is also a more dangerous failure of agricultural machinery, which needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. There are two reasons for this fault: too much clearance between steering wheel steering nut and ball pin, and too much free travel of steering wheel. For the former, the agricultural manipulator can reduce the gap by reducing the thickness of the gasket to achieve the effect of fixing the steering wheel; for the latter, the agricultural manipulator can adjust the free travel of the steering wheel by gradually tightening the steering bearing, usually about 15 degrees.

2) The steering wheel is too heavy. Too heavy steering wheel will greatly affect the flexibility of agricultural machinery, the main reasons include too tight steering bearing, serious wear of main pin, too large clearance between nut and ball pin, insufficient lubricating oil consumption, etc.; the corresponding solutions are: properly loosen the too tight steering bearing, replace the excessively worn main pin, readjust the clearance between nut and ball pin, increase the consumption of lubricating oil, etc 。

3) The front wheels shake. The front wheel shaking is generally caused by serious wear of the front axle support plate, excessive wear or clearance of the steering shaft, loose bolts in some parts, etc.; the corresponding solutions are: replace the new front axle support plate, adjust the clearance between the steering shaft or replace the new steering shaft, pay attention to check the bolt condition and tighten the loose parts in time.

To sum up, in addition to the above several major aspects, the wheel tractor chassis fault also includes many minor aspects. Although these small failures will not have a great impact on the operation of agricultural machinery in a short period of time, they will significantly reduce the service life of agricultural machinery and increase the operating difficulty of the manipulator, so they can not be ignored. For the common faults of tractor chassis introduced in this paper, the manipulator should first identify and diagnose the serious faults that may cause potential safety hazards, and then analyze and remove the faults according to the actual situation. At the same time, for the faults that can not be solved, the agricultural machinist must be sent to the repair shop in time to prevent the tractor from continuing to work with diseases and avoid accidents.

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