Production of lost foam casting in China

As early as the late 1970s, China has studied the application of lost foam casting in mass production, which is almost synchronized with foreign advanced countries. However, due to various reasons, there is a big gap between China and foreign advanced countries in terms of the depth of research, the scope of application and the scale of production.

In 1976, the Institute of optoelectronic technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the new lost foam casting method using the combination of iron shot and vacuum technology, and the test was successful. The test results were published in 1978. After that, Jinxi Chemical Machinery Plant made a technical appraisal of the stainless steel valves produced by the negative pressure lost foam casting process. In 1978, the Changchun Institute of Optics and precision machinery of the Chinese Academy of sciences began to conduct systematic experimental research on the lost foam casting method with dry sand as the molding material. In 1979, the report “Research on the basic characteristics of vacuum full mold casting” was published at the Chinese foundry technology academic conference, which systematically expounded the characteristics and regularity of this process method for the first time in China, The main technical links of negative pressure lost foam casting are introduced comprehensively. On the basis of a large number of tests, China’s first negative pressure lost foam casting production line was built in 1982. Its process equipment was technically identified in 1984. In recent years, dozens of tons of various types of single piece small batch castings have been poured by dry sand lost foam casting method.

In the aspect of lost foam casting for single piece and small batch production, this process is mainly used for the production of automobile panel molds, machine tool beds, etc. At present, dozens of manufacturers in China are widely used. At present, Guangzhou heavy machinery factory, Liuzhou micro automobile factory, the first automobile factory, the second automobile factory, Baicheng general machinery factory, etc. produce lost foam Castings in a small batch with a scale of 500-1000 tons or more. For example, Guangzhou heavy machinery factory has produced thousands of tons of lost foam castings since 1992, with the largest casting of 32 tons. Baicheng general machinery factory invested 4million yuan in 1989 to build a professional lost foam casting workshop with a production capacity of 200-300 tons, using computer-controlled cupola industrial frequency electric furnace double melting, plate processing, sand filling molding and other lost foam casting processes, Production of auto panel die castings.

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