Production time under the influence of process design characteristics of sand mold casting

The production time is calculated from the melting of sand mold casting production stage to the stages of modeling, core making, box closing, pouring, sand dropping and inspection. When multiple equipment are processed at the same time, it is calculated according to the maximum processing time of the process.

The production time is mainly composed of two parts. One part is the processing time of the equipment in each process, and the other part is the time used by the processing equipment in the auxiliary process, such as the time for workers to load and unload materials and transport materials. In addition, the study of different process design features will affect the process parameters associated with the features, resulting in different production time. According to the classification of process design features, the calculation method of production time under the influence of process design features is shown in the formula:

Casting production batch will affect the average processing time and auxiliary processing time of main equipment.

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