Rapid development of global wind power foundry industry

With the development of information technology, the information management of casting technology is particularly important. Casting is a comprehensive, professional and complex technical specialty, including the professional process of smelting materials of different materials such as cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, as well as the modeling methods for different material characteristics and casting equipment, mainly including sand casting, investment casting, pressure casting, etc. For different molding methods and casting equipment, sand casting is one of the most important molding methods at present, which can meet the molding production of large steel castings and iron castings.

Casting technology is the core technology of casting enterprises, which can be reflected in the internal and external quality of castings, and the quality indicators such as unqualified product rate (quality stability) and casting scrap rate in mass production. In the preparation of casting process for steel castings and iron castings of different materials, the casting process suitable for the enterprise must be comprehensively considered in combination with the equipment, process layout, raw and auxiliary materials, workers’ operation habits, workers’ skill level, production organization mode and other factors equipped by the casting production enterprise. Therefore, for different casting enterprises, casting process is one of the most important core technologies of casting enterprises. It can learn from each other and has certain adaptability, but it can not be completely copied or copied. In recent ten years, the degree of informatization in the casting industry has been increasing, the application of 3D modeling software such as CAD, UG and Pro-E has been popularized, and the application of well-known casting simulation analysis software such as CAE and magma has been popularized gradually. Large scale casting enterprises attach great importance to the application of casting three-dimensional modeling and casting simulation analysis. By means of software application, database accumulation and electronic technology archiving, they can reduce their dependence on process technicians and avoid technology loss and fault caused by the loss of technical talents.

The mastery of new materials and technologies will open the gap between wind power foundry enterprises. Nodular cast iron is still an important part in the field of cast iron. Its superior mechanical properties are widely used in various manufacturing fields, especially in the field of wind power castings. Since 2004, with the rise of China’s wind power industry, wind power has developed rapidly. In addition to technology research and development, it also depends on the production and supply of large-scale wind power castings. The demand for large-scale wind power nodular iron castings drives the technology R & D, production and upgrading of large-scale nodular iron castings in China. From the aspects of resources, efficiency, cost and technology, it is the general trend to develop to high-power models.

In recent 10 years, global wind power technology has developed rapidly. China’s main wind power technology has been upgraded from doubly fed to direct drive generator sets, and the power of onshore wind power models has been continuously upgraded from 1.5MW low-power models to 2.5MW, 3MW and 4MW high-power models; The power of offshore wind power models has been continuously upgraded from 3MW to 8mW and 10MW high-power models. Based on the design principle of lightweight casting, high-strength and high toughness ductile iron materials are adopted to adapt to normal temperature, low temperature and ultra-low temperature materials, so as to meet the requirements of controlling production cost, safe operation risk, quality risk and design risk. The R & D and application of new materials and technologies has become one of the bottlenecks in the development of wind power foundry enterprises. If they do not master new materials and technologies, they will not be able to obtain orders, lose the market and be eliminated by the market; If we take the lead in mastering new materials and technologies, we will get the first opportunity in the market competition.

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