Rapid investment casting process

Based on the process of rapid investment casting, the source of dimension error in the process of rapid investment casting was analyzed. Firstly, the influence of data processing, molding equipment, process parameters and other main factors on SLS parts was analyzed. The influence of different materials and processes on the dimensional error of the specimen and the source of the dimensional error caused by the free shrinkage and mechanical hindrance of the alloy during solidification are also discussed. It provides a certain theoretical and data basis for the next step of firing specimens and typical complex parts.

Rapid investment casting process is a new manufacturing process which combines rapid prototyping with traditional investment casting technology. It not only has the advantages of rapid prototyping of complex parts in rapid prototyping technology, but also has the advantages of high precision of investment casting The process of casting post-treatment is reduced, even the casting can meet the requirements without machining.

Rapid investment casting process mainly includes rapid prototyping wax prototype preparation, prototype post-processing, shell preparation, alloy casting and other main steps. In the process of rapid prototyping, due to the influence of rapid prototyping technology and materials, the wax prototype often has a certain size error. Different post-treatment processes are used in different rapid prototyping processes, such as powder cleaning and wax impregnation, which lead to a certain size error of SLS prototype, and post curing leads to a certain volume shrinkage of SLA prototype, which leads to a certain size error of molded parts. The casting error is mainly due to the transformation of Superalloy from liquid to solid, which leads to a certain volume shrinkage. To sum up, it is not difficult to find that in the process of rapid investment casting, due to the existence of a variety of processes, and each process often has a certain size error, thus forming the transmission of size error. Therefore, this paper starts from the SLS rapid investment casting process, analyzes the SLS rapid prototyping process (molding software, sintering process parameters, etc.), post-treatment process, and the source of dimensional error in the alloy pouring process, and studies the transmission law of dimensional error, which has important theoretical and practical value for obtaining qualified metal castings.

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