Rapid sand casting of tractor complex castings

The new product development of tractor complex castings by Moldless sand casting has the following advantages.

(1) It has the characteristics of digitization, precision, flexibility and green. It is an accurate forming manufacturing method based on resource saving and environment-friendly.

(2) The comprehensive use of additive manufacturing and additive manufacturing can give play to their respective advantages: the additive manufacturing method of Baozhu coated sand core with high strength and good surface quality is manufactured by selective laser sintering forming machine and SLS method, which has slow speed and high cost, but the strength of the formed sand core is high, which can be used for the dieless forming of thin-walled sand core in complex castings; The material reduction manufacturing method of making sodium silicate and resin sand core by mold cutting forming machine has high forming efficiency and good sand mold strength after forming. It can be used for dieless forming of sand core with simple shape.

(3) It can reduce the cycle and cost of tractor new product development and promote the technical level of tractor parts casting.

The dieless forming of sand core of complex tractor castings can save the process of mold design and development, and greatly save the development time and cost of new products. For example, the total dieless forming time of the whole mold of a gearbox shell of a tractor is 120 h, while the forming time of the whole mold by using the die casting method is more than 3 months, and the mold manufacturing cost of 80000 yuan is directly saved.