Reform and Innovation of Practice Teaching of Sand Casting

Foundry practice teaching is an important part of metalworking practice course.The key content of this research is how to optimize the sand casting practice teaching content and improve the teaching mode so as to arouse students’interest in learning and at the same time to make them have a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the relevant knowledge of sand casting.

Comparing the original teaching links of sand casting with the improved teaching links, this paper focuses on the importance of engineering training oriented by the reform and innovation of sand casting teaching mode to the cultivation of students’knowledge and ability, starting from the three teaching modules of the improved practical teaching of sand casting, i.e. production of sand moulding commemorative coin, flow spiral experiment of alloy and virtual simulation of casting..

In the original teaching link of sand casting, the students carried out practice operations such as whole mold, sand excavation, parting mold and casting production.Due to the monotonous and boring teaching content in the whole teaching process of sand casting, there is a lack of interest of students in learning and an overall understanding of sand casting.

The improved practical teaching of sand casting strengthens the teaching position with students as the main body. Greater improvements have been made in teaching contents and teaching modes. Innovative design links of commemorative coins and liquid spiral experiment of alloys have been added. Through comparative study with simulation of casting, the interest of students has been aroused, the innovation awareness of students has been aroused, and the knowledge of sand casting has been enhanced.With further understanding and understanding, it is helpful for students to form the overall feeling of sand casting and to cultivate their engineering quality and overall awareness.

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