Research on liquid die forging technology of excavator bucket teeth

With low carbon and low alloy steel zg14crmnsini, the wear resistance and hardness of bucket teeth are improved by advanced liquid die forging technology. A set of production process and equipment scheme of liquid die forging are designed, which can significantly improve the service life of bucket teeth. The microstructure of as cast and heat-treated (quenching + tempering) under direct liquid forging process was compared and analyzed, and the change law of microstructure and mechanical properties of castings with pressure change was studied, which provided guidance and reference for the actual mass production of bucket teeth; the design of liquid forging die for mass production of bucket teeth and the design of technical parameters of hydraulic equipment were carried out.

(1) The microstructure of low carbon low alloy steel zg14crmnsini as cast and heat treated under different pressures was compared, and the mechanical properties such as hardness, toughness and wear resistance under different pressures were compared.

(2) The technical scheme design of liquid die forging bucket teeth includes the design and check of the main structure and parts of the liquid forging die, the design of the hydraulic press technology.

(3) ProCAST computer simulation was used to optimize the process parameters of liquid die forging bucket teeth. The filling process of liquid forging, temperature field and the location of casting defects were studied.

In order to improve the service life of bucket teeth, the research content is mainly divided into two parts: the research on the microstructure and properties of zg14crmnsini material under different pressure and the technological scheme of liquid forging bucket tooth. The research of microstructure and properties mainly includes the analysis of hardness, toughness and wear resistance; the research of process scheme mainly includes the design of process parameters, the design of hydraulic forging die, the technical design of hydraulic forging press, and the simulation of process parameters by ProCAST.

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