Material and thermal properties of steel casting for bridge bearing

In addition to bearing the load from the bridge, the bridge bearing is still in the changing environment, such as the change of temperature, atmospheric corrosion and so on. This requires that the bridge bearing should also have the main cold resistance and corrosion resistance under the requirements of excellent mechanical performance. A new type of low temperature and atmospheric corrosion resistant cast steel, zgs10crnicu, is used in the steel steel bearing of this project.

Because this kind of steel is a new type of corrosion-resistant cast steel, its thermal physical properties parameters are not found in the relevant documents, but the new version of ProCAST software can automatically calculate and generate the thermal physical parameters by inputting the chemical composition of alloy materials. In this simulation scheme, the medium limit value of chemical composition is used to generate the thermophysical parameters of the steel. The calculation results show that the main temperature of liquid increase of zgs10crnicu is 1512 ℃ and the main temperature of solid increase is 1269 ℃. The values of thermal conductivity, density, enthalpy and viscosity are all function values of temperature change, as shown in Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3 and Fig. 4.

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