Research status of wear-resistant and modified ultra-high manganese steel for lining plate

The work hardening ability of high manganese steel depends on the size of stress. The yield strength of high manganese steel is low, it is easy to deform in use, and its wear resistance can not play a full role. In order to overcome these shortcomings, further adding alloy elements is an effective measure, but after adding alloy, it increases the difficulty of heat treatment. If it is not handled properly, too much carbide precipitates at the grain boundary will make the steel brittle. In order to solve this problem, the manganese content can be increased while adding alloy to further strengthen the solid solution ability and stability of austenite. At the same time, aging treatment can be used to make fine carbides distributed in austenite matrix in spherical dispersion, so as to avoid embrittlement and improve wear resistance, so as to adapt to working conditions with different stresses.

After re, V and Ti composite modification, the ultra-high manganese steel overcomes the shortcomings of the improved zgmnl3cr2 high manganese steel, which is brittle due to the aggregation, precipitation and embrittlement of chromium carbides on the grain boundary, changes the original structure, and improves the hardness and yield strength. This wear-resistant material is suitable for soft abrasive large angle erosion wear conditions, such as the impact plate of fan coal mill, etc.

Experiments show that its service life is nearly twice as long as that of ordinary high manganese steel. Starangerstool company of Norway has developed a kind of ultra-high manganese steel named stromhard, with manganese content of 15% – 23%. Compared with ordinary high manganese steel, its initial hardness is increased by 80-150hb, work hardening performance is significantly enhanced, wear resistance is quite good, and service life is greatly improved, It can be used for wear-resistant components with thick and large section and general wear-resistant workpieces.

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